x was never like this.... ta032

x was never like this.... cd

tympanik audio. ta032

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displacer is back with his newest audio concept ‘x was never like this…‘ on tympanik audio. a collection of 14 brand new tracks incorporating everything you’ve come to know and expect from this prolific canadian electronic music icon. fusing melodic guitar, catchy beats, heart-felt melodies, funk-driven basslines, and an air of sweet melancholy, ‘x was never like this…‘ captures the true essence of diversity in a genreless package that could only come from the mind of displacer. with guest appearances and collaborations by such artists as mark thibideau, daniel myer (haujobb / architect), keef baker, broken fabiola, famine, lucidstatic, marching dynamics, and featuring the heavenly vocals of victoria lloyd (claire voyant / hmb), all packaged in a unique design by crime league, ‘x was never like this…‘ promises to be fond experience indeed.


1 elbows bent at right angles (instrumental version)
2 junkie blvd (feat. victoria lloyd)
3 x was never like this…
4 never compromise
5 windmill
6 elbows bent at right angles (feat. victoria lloyd)
7 never compromise (resonant dub remix by mark thibideau)
8 x was never like this… (remix by daniel myer)
9 windmill (keef baker remix)
10 elbows bent at right angles (feat. broken fabiola)
11 x was never like this… (famine remix)
12 to live love die or kill… (lucidstatic remix)
13 x was never like that. (displacer remix)
14 windmill (marching dynamics remix)