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tympanik audio. ta030

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poland’s hidden talent [haven] joins the tympanik audio family to reveal his debut album titled ‘plastic‘. a gradual scorching dirge that reveals itself amidst an unparalleled quilt of tight beatwork, trudging amongst a marsh of memorable soundscapes and slathering refrains. with heavy basslines, delicate sampling, infectious, stabbing beats, and an uncanny sense of raw emotion woven within, [haven] effortlessly separates himself from the pack with slick rhythms and graceful chaos. tell me about madness… packaging: 4-panel digipak.


1 tell me about madness
2 marrakech
3 out of the vertical
4 let’s play disco now
5 plastic bag
6 les choses
7 mental courtesan
8 kuhajrib
9 tree of life
10 home
11 broken childhood
12 aurora borealis
13 everything burns
14 takrir al-masir
15 aroura borealis (slow power rmx by aphorism)
16 kuhajrib (rmx by tapage)