where once were exit wounds. ta027

where once were exit wounds. cd

tympanik audio. ta027

while still absorbing praise from his critically-acclaimed 2008 release ‘love no longer lives here‘, autoclav1.1’s tony young reaches even deeper into his seemingly endless bag of talent to unleash a new collection of work that is sure to be hailed as his most promising work to date. ‘where once were exit wounds‘ is a visceral montage of complex beats, surging guitars, pulsating synthwork, and undying melodies, that will well exceed even the most ascertaining tastes, all the while exhibiting a flow of truly embracing atmospheres and lovely melodic breeziness that will encompass its listener with warmth and gentle adrenaline time and time again. autoclav1.1 fearlessly interjects a powerful concoction of love, loss, and despair fueled by lathering electronic rhythms akin to a thoughtful drive accelerating almost uncontrollably along a distant country road on a warm summer night. get ready for the most engaging autoclav1.1 album to date… ‘where once were exit wounds‘ is available on compact disc with stunning artwork by salt (ant-zen / hymen). packaging: 6-panel digipak.


1 when we woke up
2 walk on empty
3 taking blood
4 do you feel disposable?
5 if not something - anything
6 tomorrow
7 falling over ghosts
8 these walls have seen all
9 an idiosyncratic oath
10 those opening hours
11 summer