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zivilisatose. cd

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zivilisatose represents the culmination of telepherique's twenty-year career. having explored all throughout the realms of industrial, ambient, rhythmic noise, and field recordings, telepherique has created a distinct sound which manifests itself in new and unique ways on each release. with zivilisatose we are mesmerized by flowing and mysterious ambience, and challenged by unusual rhythms and noises. this, a very personal cd to telepherique, is also their final full-length recording. since 1989 telepherique (and its various side-projects) have released nearly one hundred releases, beginning with many cassettes on their own drahtfunk-products label. with subsequent releases on such labels as ant-zen, g.r.o.s.s., noise museum, sssm, and afe, their work received a wide exposure. in addition to solo recordings, they have released numerous collaborations and splits with artists such as contagious orgasm, msbr, ultra milkmaids, brume, aube, m.b., de fabriek, and roger rotor. zivilisatose also features artwork by tj norris. housed in a custom printed color wallet with 4-panel insert. edition of 500 copies.


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