jahrmarkt der verlorenen kinder. umb007

jahrmarkt der verlorenen kinder. cd

umb kollektif. umb007

perfection-level now at 85%. dogpop return six years after their well-received debut 'popgod' (pop1, 2003) and the preview-cdr 'in dog we trust' (pop2, 2008). since then, things have changed. thirteen tracks of abstract weirdness, entertaining anti-pop tunes presented in doggy dancefloor style. 'jahrmarkt der verlorenen kinder' is the modern incarnation of dadaistic german new wave (e.g. der plan, pyrolator, der mußikant, daf), but also integrates more modern lo-fi tunes and post-industrial structures. 'der weisse clown', 'dogporn', 'himmel flieg' and the kraftwerkian '6er-bahn' are destined to conquer the dancefloor. the new dogpop-incarnation is earcandy for all lost children in the world, long forgotten by their parents on a run-down fair. jewelcase packaging.


1 hörst du?
2 6er-bahn
3 himmel flieg (1-schuss-mix)
4 ewiges kino
5 klonhaus
6 weisser klown
7 wind
8 dogporn
9 riesenrad
10 kinderfänger
11 paradogs
12 filmriss im festzelt
13 jahrmarkt der verlorenen kinder