letting go at the steering wheel. act229

letting go at the steering wheel. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act229

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stephen sawyer took his time with his recent release - more than four years have passed since simulations 2.0 was released and now the journey into l'ombre’s aural cosmos continues. join him and let go at the steering wheel... the music is personified as driving rhythmic foundations which range from slow melancholic trip hop and faster high-energetic breakbeats to syncopated triplets that emerge from mighty over amplified ambient environments - all created by acoustic and electronic sources. these cadences solidify the abstract collages, heavy low-frequency electro bass lines, sinister minor piano chords and harsh industrial sound sequences. apparently contradicting styles collide and melt into something new, f.e. the darkhop noise hymn 'combustion chamber'. truly it took a long time to move from l'ombre's ambient oriented first works to what he represents now. does fragile abrasiveness exist? join the ride, and be committed!


1 humour me with pleasant conversation
2 in from the rain
3 reach for me
4 all bets are in
5 your refusal
6 despond
7 into brokenness
8 combustion chamber
9 wrapped around a telephone poll