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having gained tremendous experience through various side projects and thus having reached such a high status within the post-industrial scene, synapscape is giving the listener what the listener deserves and of course expects from the state-of-the-art visually as musically artists. “positive pop” consists of 13 excellent structured tracks ranging from synapscape’s ambience over distorted vocalised tracks, always with a rhythmical touch and a scent of dancefloor. the multi-layered distortions have been put more in the background whereas melodies and rhythm have been given more attention in the foreground - an overall never heard symbiosis of hard, harsh, rhythmical tracks and droning, deranged ambience. not to speak of the incredible production - here, enormous emphasis has been put on and your speakers will be put to a hard test.


1 ammunition
2 thirsteater
3 face off
4 the power of love
5 smogue
6 bizarre disco junky
7 dubforce
8 orbleflex
9 charity
10 bielfield
11 reunion
12 skizzy biz
13 notorious