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an astonishing piece of bristling beats and analogue acids; enriched with graceful melodies and paroxysmal punk-electronica breakbeats. roman belavkin, solar x, has been described by the face magazine as ''a stereotypical russian genius'', a statement that's hard to argue, as apart from being russia's own ''aphex without a tank'' (de-bug), he has also achieved gold medals at martial arts championships of russia and europe, a ms degree in physics, and he is currently pursuing a phd in artificial intelligence. his second album xrated was re-released on cd in 1997, and it made the wire to ''pronounce the former soviet union a goldmine of undiscovered talent''. in 1998 roman signed to london's label worm interface, and his last album ''little pretty automatic'' was named many times as one of the best albums in electronic music for many years. roman is a founder of the russian art-tek records label bringing to the world some of the best artists from the post-soviet space. recently the ptuch, the main club culture magazine in russia, has named solar x as the most influential person in modern russian electronic music.


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