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hymen records. ¥005

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‘m@rmx’ contains 3 new exclusive tracks by p.a.l and remixes from the cd 'm@rix', which were done by various artists like beefcake, imminent starvation and synapscape. distorted rhythmic-textures, elektronic feedback, and structured chaos alternate with hypnotic, ambient noisescapes - an explosive mix that can be described as industrial-tech. this is hard-edged brutality layered in hypnotic textures, creating a very complex melting of beauty and power. continue to push the limits.


1 megadrive
2 amok-koma
3 into the tunnel
4 germanized industry [remix by beefcake]
5 t.a.e. [remix by kybernaut]
6 metrum [remix by imminent starvation]
7 cyber junkyard [remix by synapscape]
8 t.a.e [remix by ultra instinct]