light city. ¥771.2

keef baker
light city. mp3 album

hymen records. ¥771.2

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'light city' - intended to be listened to without interference or pauses - a trip into sudorific clublife that keeps you moving for more than an hour. an astounding mix with well-placed increasing and decreasing speed, ranging from dubstep to techno to drum and bass to breakcore and back. this is keef as he sounds while performing live - a great addition to a phantastic album.


1 part 01: the voice of light city
2 part 02: you've been snarpooned
3 part 03: the square
4 part 04: acid indigestion
5 part 05: a glittering netto palace
6 part 06: cake and black sheep
7 part 07: shut up neil for fuck's sake!
8 part 08: the great escape
9 part 09: wine sponge
10 part 10: aeronautics
11 part 11: return to light city
12 part 12: soul folding