v.a. - belio:cd:war. ¥732cd

v.a. - belio:cd:war. cd

hymen records. ¥732cd

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matka - early-warning ambient siren system coupled to expansive synthesizer foundation; asphalt! - precision soundstage design and ebm aesthetic generation; end - concussive breakbeat matrices and psycho-cinematic audio effects; black lung - martial industrial rhythm loops and stealth-quality ambience; and projecto mirage - caustic roland analog rhythms and machine gun sounds. each artist on war contributes two original tracks to the cd, as well as remix of another artist’s track.digipak packaging.


1 locusta 64 matka
2 hidden xacra matka
3 trip suspended-proyecto mirage remix matka
4 dark dreams asphalt!
5 rhythm produkt asphalt!
6 ffwd-matka remix asphalt!
7 over 9 billion dead served end
8 by other means end
9 society of the spectacle-asphalt! remix end
10 in the trenches black lung
11 the first bomb falls black lung
12 catastrophic cognitive void-end remix black lung
13 b-side proyecto mirage
14 gas the humans!! proyecto mirage
15 belio-black lung remix proyecto mirage