electronic music means war to us. act114

electronic music means war to us. cd, mp3 album

ant-zen. act114

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anarchic industrial techno, hard hitting electronic rhythms, cold electro… the world of hypnoskull is an urban city with no place for silence. this one-man project of patrick stevens is known in the worldwide industrial scene as one of the 'dissident' projects that offer new directions into an old scene. hypnoskull shows are accompanied by images that fit the sounds like a glove fits your hand. desolate, obscure, somehow alienating.


1 the enemy is here
2 effective mind mechanism
3 electronic music means war to us (v4)
4 exit
5 10 seconds left
6 bassgun x reload
7 elektrattack
8 harddrive
9 this is not a rhythm (maschine rmx)
10 no chance left (rmx)
11 cleaning heads
12 mobile komm/einheit
13 low cristal display oscillator
14 metal intruder
15 i'll break your fucking beats
16 bad neighbourhoods
17 kill switch (2001.v)
18 everything in reverse