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it was worth waiting more than a year for the second aural manifestation of s.talada's darker self. m.d.'s unique mix of intelligent dance music, dark experimental sound layers and technoid beat'n'bass patterns enthused a large audience worldwide on the previous nailsleeper release. now it's the time for the workers party of haiti to take over... music as diverse as moody atmospheric dark ambient tunes, slow hop-beat-driven sub-bass monsters and fast dance tracks built upon hard hitting breaks. this album displays talada's ability to merge all these styles into one instead of simply stringing them together. crisp percussion blasts meet soundtrackish synth lines while aggravating your somatic responses - distortion from detroit meets with los(t) angeles industrial gloom - dark complexity amalgamates with rhythmic intensity... 'the workers party of haiti was my own exorcism from the demon that surrounded me and that was haunting me.' (s.talada) - join the exorcism!


1 going under
2 detuning purpose
3 bizango datura
4 ability to distance
5 the apparition speaks
6 confederate (elementals' soul fire) remix edit
7 power freak
8 wrong volt
9 29° (marching dynamics vs. tonikom)
10 situations vacant
11 doorbells in amsterdam
12 the spoor of the wolf in the wet earth
13 eschelons (the ninth life)