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rare and mostly deleted tracks, released on various label compilations plus one unreleased track: rented confession [maschinenfest 2005. pflichtkauf 2005], travel again [coup de grace / invasion & friends 2k5. invasion wreck chords 2005], folded sheets of silver [schlagstrom!. schlagstrom / rustblade 2006], got up v.2 [tonwellen-konferenz. atacama records 2006], natur [mothers against noise vol.1. mothers against noise 2006], thumbnail service [chrom de la chrom 2. black channel 2006], white trash (2005 edit) [pandora's box / invasion & friends 2k6. invasion wreck chords 2006], reach out [maschinenfest 2007. pflichtkauf 2007], wings (a21 rmx) [cut&go. invasion wreck chords 2007], something you should know [unreleased. 2004].


1 rented confession
2 travel again
3 folded sheets of silver
4 got up v.2
5 natur
6 thumbnail service
7 white trash (2005 edit)
8 reach out
9 wings (a21 rmx)
10 something you should know