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“distorted disco” is on one hand the musical interpretation of asche’s visual works, a soundtrack for imaginary movies, and on the other hand a vast mixture of simply any modern electronic musical style. the album’s title basically says it all. starting off with deep, droning, dark ambient influences over distorted beats, harsh rhythms and voices. “distorted disco” reaches a first climax with a feedback orgy, heavy beats reminiscent of some older logic records stuff, quickly followed by pure power electronics, loops and obscure voice samples. then chill out-like rhythms encounter deep house beats, again followed by big beats giving reminiscence to legendary drum and bass artists... to put it simply - “distorted disco” is a mature challenge for the modern, intelligent listener - both working in the clubs or at home. special fake-leather digipak & embossing.


1 the sound ov the shell
2 kiss the whip
3 riding on the atomic i.c.e
4 another kind ov being
5 t.v.-wasted
6 zapped
7 doom
8 inside the sarkophargus
9 peter jesus & me
10 your bomb
11 testing show (for a green fuzz)