nachtschade. spectre-s30

nachtschade. cd, dvd

spectre. spectre-s30

after two aquatic adventures on the spectre sub-label nautilus and the emotional trilogy 'amore', 'chagrin' and 'drift' on spectre records itself, you might have wondered if the guys from kraken would be able to rise above the level of excellence they had already reached. in all honesty and modesty, because we are the ones releasing it: yes, they are. on 'nachtschade' the krakens take their creational possibilities a step further on a combined cd & dvd release. the cd part gives you over an hour worth of new music as dictated by the little voices in the twisted minds of joris and ricardo. there are thirteen untitled tracks in which you are guided around the world with influences ranging from belgium to india, spoken word in dutch and iranian and finally auditory visualisation from above and under sealevel. on the dvd it looks like the men behind those little voices took over the camera, lightning and sound department of a professional filmset. the result is some truely astonishing video material with which kraken annihilates every predefined thought in your head. sixty-five minutes of either new material - not even on the 'nachtschade' cd - or reworked older tracks and visuals ranging from high quality art movies to lynch-like mindscapes. and no, we are not joking about this ...'nachtschade' by kraken is not just another spectre release, it's a whole new dimension.


1 n 14
2 a 01
3 c 03
4 h 08
5 t 20
6 s 19
7 c 03
8 h 08
9 a 01
10 d 04
11 e 05
12 ----
1 untitled