v.a. - maschinenfest 2008. pflicht39

v.a. - maschinenfest 2008. 2cd

pflichtkauf. pflicht39

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featuring tracks from almost all performing bands of the maschinenfest 2008 (mostly exclusive). feat. hysteresis, kirdec, p.a.l, scorn, enduser, architect, roger rotor, iszoloscope, camanecsoszope, ah cama-sotz, mono no aware, kraken, rasputeen in heavy leather, larvae, empusae, xabec, ars moriendi, orphx, imminent, config sys / ahnst anders, hypnoskull, ambassador 21 / suicide inside, monokrom, klangstabil, punch inc., mimetic, sonar, the law-rah collective, monolith, ms gentur, proyecto mirage, contagious orgasm, bong-ra, vromb, winterkälte. gatefold-cover printed in silver on black cardboard.


1 antimatter hysteresis
2 art mou moral kirdec
3 gone-mf edit p.a.l
4 guggled part 2 scorn
5 interruption 4-remix by broke note enduser
6 attack ships on fire architect
7 hadron collider roger rotor
8 in the face of descent-mf08 cut iszoloscope
9 at phlegethon's mouth camanecroszcope
10 bad days-meet the catz-mix ah cama-sotz
11 shinizokonai-live version mono no aware
12 nachtschade kraken
13 was juckt denn da-instrumental rasputeen / catholic boys in heavy leather
14 all thumps larvae
15 the binding of the fest empusae
16 der innere kreis-short xabec
17 meinerselbst 2oo8-rmx by asche ars moriendi
18 vortex-edit orphx
1 bardd imminent
2 disco fish-non water mix config.sys / ahnst anders
3 higher higher higher higher now! hypnoskull
4 kill the guilt ambassador 21 vs. suicide inside
5 wunk-version monokrom
6 math & emotion - the square root of two klangstabil
7 spanish fly punch inc.
8 10to10 mimetic
9 plexi cat sonar
10 dom the [law-rah] collective
11 satanic ritual abuse monolith
12 der freak 4.11 ms gentur
13 barbacore proyecto mirage
14 moshimoshi contagious orgasm
15 house of armageddon bong-ra
16 dictapho nème vromb
17 structure 10 winterkälte