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rasputeen / catholic boys in heavy leather
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rotor siffredi and joke stryker first met in 1989 as young recruits in the vatican city's swiss guard. after many years of serving and protecting the holy father they got a bit bored and discovered their mutual fascination for loud music and heavy leather. cbihl was born! enigmatically, cbihl professed to have cruised the realms of central europe 'to convert all the lost souls down the valley deep and up the mountain high'. within a few years they had gathered many enthusiastic disciples from their public appearances. at one of these occasions cbihl met a mysterious person who was semi-nude, had their face enshrouded by a paper bag and who was preaching about liverwurst sandwiches, bureaucracy, insect people, and calling himself rasputin. immediately they knew that this was a memorable coincidence - after all, wasn’t the russian rasputeen often called the 'mad monk'? so they kept contact, and in a few years the metamorphosis from rasputin to rasputeen took place. eventually they decided to enter a studio to amalgamate their spiritual powers and release: rasputeen in heavy leather! what you are about to receive is a perfect symbiosis between cbihl's noise- and e-punk influences and rasputeen's minimal-breakbeat-electropop madness. distorted beats covered with a purgatory of pounding sequenced structures, multilayered samples and aggressive, claiming vocals. raw, wild and dirty - music for (the) masses - hallelujah!


1 das schwein in mir
2 an tagen wie diesen
3 jede note die ich spiele
4 wovon andere nur träumen
5 was juckt denn da?
6 in dieser nacht
7 du kleines biest