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in stark contrast to the cold alaskan landscape from which he hails, lucidstatic offers his fiery debut album 'gravedigger'. a fierce hybrid of breakcore, powernoise, and classic industrial elements, lucidstatic is by no means an imitator, but rather an innovator of the hard electronic sound. with an impressive dossier of remixing and collaboration credits, including unter null, otto von schirach, diverje, autoclav1.1, totakeke, and many others, lucidstatic lays claim to his rightful place in the powernoise ranks among such artists as pneumatic detach, edgey, and genetic selection. with his official debut cd 'gravedigger', lucidstatic effortlessly fuses addictive rhythms with razor-sharp beatwork and powerful, abrasive noise collages to create a sonic hurricane of brutal compositions that will seize you firmly by the eardrums and leave you gasping for air.


1 blackout
2 aux8 (revision)
3 man who wasn't there
4 inner struggle
5 headhunter (narcotix edit)
6 showdown ('08 re-edit mix)
7 mercy of a bullet
8 warning
9 unknown test subject
10 militant
11 p4tr10t (black op mix)
12 knuckledust
13 pathology
14 night vision (die in dreams mix)
15 no love
16 sleep experiment 13
17 defiance