industrial owes us money. act205

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ant-zen. act205

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guten abend meine damen und herren, are you ready for hypnoskull? like a brick thrown into your intestines, p.stevens and collaborators ask for attention - whether you like it or not. this mash-up of ultra-fast breaks, straight hard-driving rhythms, oscillating sub-bass, heavy distortion, explicit lyrics, and sampled media madness perfectly displays hypno's perception as it is today. all this combined with his characteristic 'e-punk' attitude (clearly demonstrated in the cover of the dead kennedys classic 'california über alles') and at the same time he offers a blueprint of what rhythmic noise can be today (dying circuit assaults v1), this album makes damn sure patrick and his 21st century rat pack will get the earnings they deserve - whether money or something different. play loud!!!


1 are you ready for hypnoskull ?
2 hateful pulses raging through semiconductors
3 money and bitches
4 the most feared man on earth
5 hypnoskull vs dead.circuit : dying circuit assaults v1
6 real bad
7 g break numbah' 23 killah'
8 hypnoskull vs sada : close call / arrango blvd.
9 industrial owes us money
10 i'm from da murdah' kapital
11 hypnoskull vs irka g. : we never sleep
12 hypnoskull vs atarix : nightmare (droppin' 6
13 66gb remake)
14 6.000.000 ways to die
15 hypnoskull vs pyroclastic : california über alles
16 take this beat mothafuckah' (trgrbrckcr fuck up)