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the idea of producing a concept album about chess arose in the summer of 2005 when boris may started cultivating an interest in the game to find a way to overcome his growing mental laziness. maurizio blanco also liked the idea of turning chess into a musical concept. chessboards and relevant literature were aquired so as to get into to the spirit of the game. originally, the title of this album was planned to be "mindchess". later on, it was transformed into 'math & emotion' because this title reflects the way klangstabil learned how to play the game. "the concept 'math & emotion' became wider and overstepped the limits of a mere game of chess. it was projected on interhuman behavioral patterns in the everyday game of life." (boris may); at the end of 2005, boris may was captivated by the idea to make a cover for 'math & emotion' in the dime novel/ghost story style of the german "gespenster geschichten" comics. these ghost novels were pulp fiction that was published in the 1970s and that impressed him deeply in his childhood. after some research he was able to contact the artist who did the cover paintings, ugurcan yüce (can). boris may: "since he is not only a painter but also a musician, we got on to the same wavelength very quickly when the concept of 'math & emotion' was explained. i explained how the chess theme should run through the whole album." this contradiction is visually realised by two archetypal spirits emanating from boris may's and maurizio blanco's bodies to fight the deadly match to the end. the music on this album seems easily accessible, resuming the path klangstabil has been on for years. the first impression to the expectant listener might be undiluted dark electro-based pop, but this isn't an inaccurate evaluation, as they call it 'klangpop'. massive synth surfaces, pulsing sequencer patterns and intense vocals intertwined with precise computerized drum beats add up to memorable tunes. on closer examination oblique details become visible: elaborated rhythmical work, hidden sound fragments and the specific tension klangstabil are well-known for - all aided by significant lyrics in german, english and italian. the more you engage in 'math & emotion' the more the deepness of this release will develop - just like the seemingly simple game of chess and the game of life.


1 math & emotion - the square root of one
2 perdere per vincere (the italian opening)
3 love has too much audience
4 fighting colours
5 gridami
6 hanham vs. steinitz
7 lauf lauf!
8 good night kingdom
9 beziehungsohr
10 twisted words