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"the ritual as a method of coping with fear" is the basic thought behind 'isolation', which is the first output by the [law-rah] collective since the release of 'incarnation' in 2001. the emotionally triggered droning soundscapes, which are the collective's trademark, have the power of confronting the listener with his or her deepest inner fears. the 44 minute track, built from drones, ambient noise and extreme frequency modulations, was created for and performed at the new forms festival in the hague, netherlands on june 7th 2002. the performance was (and still is) a collaboration between the [law-rah] collective (music) and juxtapose (choreography and dance). to underline the collaborative effort, a 12 minute video is included on the cd which holds outtakes of the actual performance. the video was shot with four camera's and produced by videopunx in amsterdam. 'isolation' was mastered by the [law-rah] collective at studio am rhein between december 2002 and march 2003. in order to reassure the performance's nature and concept, this cd has not been stripped from extreme frequencies and its live-dynamics; therefore care should be taken when listening to it at high volume. are you ready to confront yourself?


1 isolation
2 isolation (video)