infolepsy ep. core007.2

venetian snares
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coredump. core007.2

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canada's venetian snares continues his worldwide sucker-punch assault with what is very possibly the heaviest gun in his arsenal: infolepsy. like the title suggests, mr. funk delivers an ep that will make your body move like you're having a seizure. from destruction of the sesame street pinball song, the desecration of uma thurman, and the deconstruction and reconstruction of "punishing the atoms" snares lambastes you like he hasn't since shitfuckers.this is venetian snares as you grew to love him; cranking out the sickest, cleanest, densest, most full-on breakcore you'll ever hear. coredump records in its mission to diversify and bring you quality electronic music is excited to be unleashing venetian snares' latest bastard child so it can steal the lunch money from rosemary's baby. don't be fooled, this is the real future of the broken beat.


1 twelve
2 where's bill?
3 absolute smakatrosmic
4 americanized
5 punishing2004 ft. mc skm