v.a. - audiotion - sonic tribute to takashi miike. vital004

v.a. - audiotion - sonic tribute to takashi miike. 2cd

vital. vital004

featuring takashi miilke, kk null, shinjuku thief, converter, hentai, shinkiro, sunao inami, jazkamer, henrik nordvargr björkk, contagious orgasm, hecate, p.a.l, s:cage, asmorod, iszoloscope, tokitoshi shiota. these artists pay respect to the japanese master of controversial new wave cinema takashi miike. his work inspires so many artists in our music scene, and gives us amazing dark cinematique visions that leads to ideas and audio concepts for creating our sonic art. each artist has created a 10 min.unique soundpiece inspired by miike´s films and visions. all bringing their own styles of electronic music experiments together in this sonic dedication to the japanese cinema pioneer. this release opens with an exclusive audio voice introduction by takashi miike, recorded for this tribute cd..also features an exclusive outroduction vocal song preformed by japanese movie actor tokitoshi shiota ( izo, gozu ). booklet features speciel foreword by japanese cinema expert / takashi miike biography book author tom mes. deluxe 6 panel digipak box / includes 8 page full colour booklet / stylish and controversial avantgarde designs by salt.


1 introduction takashi miike
2 abyss kk null
3 4 barcodes shinjuku thief
4 dis-joint converter
5 decollage hentai
6 unseen memories shinkiro
7 stagnate sunao inami
8 virgin flower jazkamer
1 second birth aftermath henrik nordvargr björkk
2 perfect rip contagious orgasm
3 mourning sickness hecate
4 a nightmare´s soundtrack p.a.l
5 treatments s:cage
6 asami looking at the sea asmorod
7 learn the agony that was etched into my very core iszoloscope
8 outroduction tokitoshi shiota