ffwd > burnout !. act094

ffwd > burnout !. mp3 album

ant-zen. act094

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patrick stevens aka hypnoskull combines the power of pure analogue electronics with harsh rhythm structures - an anarchic assault of noise, electronic abuse and techno-industrial. fast forward > burnout ! reset your machines and start up again. connect your networks and prepare to crash! disturb your culture by deleting it and replace it by your altered culture. insert audiofiles into your mind. incl. 2 bonustracks by hypnoskull vs. tunnel.


1 machine is coming down
2 ffwd>burnout!
3 too hard to try
4 city beat
5 rwd>ctrl!
6 disguised & uncontrolled
7 l/r antipole rock (antimono rmx)
8 mech. ind.
9 push>eject>return!
10 silence (let me be destroyed)
11 mechanomatica
12 kommando entertainment
13 the final strike
14 down again
15 damn' shit!
16 take your head off