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as a follow-up to the last album 'null', the new cd by spherical disrupted called 'barriere' has just been released. it features one new track plus 10 remixes of tracks from 'null' remixed by different electronic artists. among the remixers are the audiophob projects mandelbrot and zero degree but also 5f-x, heimstatt yipotash, mimetic, telepherique, facies deformis, carsten vollmer and nerthus. this mixture results in a diversified collection that partially places the sounds of spherical disrupted in an quite different light. in the best idm-tradition everything got more noisy and rhythmic, the epic dimensions of the original tracks where distinctly reduced by most of the remixers.


1 beryllium
2 leer (remix - 5f-x)
3 kein (kein abschied für immer - heimstatt yipotash)
4 projektor (remix - mimetic)
5 kein (keine ruhe - telepherique)
6 lakonisch (remix - mandelbrot)
7 kein (kein licht - zero degree)
8 grau (version - facies deformis)
9 projektor (cut+go=rmx #1 - carsten vollmer)
10 leer (regenesis mix - nerthus)
11 untitled (_ mix - spherical disrupted)