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ant-zen. act087

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an incredible vast spectrum of noises and structures from dark sounddrones and powerful electronic rhythms up to ambient soundscapes by adding a stronger rhythmic element. the 2cd set contains infecting rough & powerloaded tracks for your pulping fiction on disk one, while the second disk is keeping the ambience with drowning grooves and unrestrained weirdness. the track 'new order' has been perfectly converted by video-artist clemens von wedemeyer into a thrilling visual story. which is available as quicktime video file (for pc and mac) on disk two.


1 fever dream
2 so what
3 new order
4 i know you know
5 7th sect
6 lights
7 soul
8 picklenash
9 facewalk
10 spill
11 i want to
12 discorrode
13 2nd sect
14 bloodfake
15 my father was a farmer
1 physics
2 scoptic
3 beauty farm
4 communication
5 black dream
6 eat me
7 surveillance
8 new order (video)