v.a. - sonic-arts inspiration. lh02

v.a. - sonic-arts inspiration. cd

liquid harsh. lh02

the second liquid harsh cd-compilation, varying between industrial, ambient,breakcore - and more! entirely yet unreleased material feat. ambassador 21, the rorschach garden, alarmen, spherical disrupted, ahp, nobdrun, fragment king and others.


1 anagrom ataf alarmen
2 castortransport eo ipso
3 my innards-despositio fragment king
4 searching for perfection the rorschach garden
5 some of us prefer illusion to desper ntt
6 cavity block spherical disrupted
7 the disease continues the pervertclub
8 the nerves ambassador 21
9 reflexion ahp
10 kunstharz nobdrun
11 ground sequence scanning ptt
12 arbeiter- und bauernstaat radio murmansk