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well, what the heck is hecq? hecq is not beefcake, and hecq is not lusine icl - but hecq could be a phantastic listening experience for those who are into these artists. actually, hecq is benny boysen from germany, and 'a dried youth' is his debut album. in his' own words, "cold, functional elements are combined with organic, 'natural' ones, the result is a hybrid between different styles and moods".as many artists, hecq uses his' works as a 'link' between artist and 'reality'. his' music is the aural reflection of the artists' daily life. abstract beats combined ambience samples and sometimes melancholic melodies merge into a musical portrait of a non-conformist's daily life. 'a dried youth' is ambient-electronic soundscape music for the open-minded listener - enjoy!


1 intro
2 untitled01
3 nor nar
4 holo
5 numb woods
6 sake falls
7 tahoe
8 brake01
9 cicle
10 kolics
11 sun ricq
12 reptile prog
13 ...her skinny hips towards the sun...
14 vault
15 brake03 (long version)
16 pegas
17 brake two
18 fat starving data
19 untitled02
20 untitled03