s/t. v03.0

the trifid project
s/t. cd-ep

vacuum. v03.0

feat. james plotkin - matthieu maire - yves daubert - marie daubert - sheila mata. james plotkin & matthieu maire first met in early 1999, which quickly led to collaborations a few times later. james, matthieu, & 3 others french fellows, marie and yves daubert (my), sheila mata (hita corporated) worked together at james' studio in new jersey and released a surrealistic electronica music, melding dark soundscapes with fluffy atmospheres and even instrumental surf influences: "the trifid project" was on. an incredible complexity of sounds, where melodic, evilish guitar strings meet dark-heavy rhytmics, blips and scratches giving an answer to lost hidden female voices. american artist james plotkin started making records in 1987. he started in metal, hardcore and went through multiple styles/genres such as rock, industrial, electronic, improvisation, and other experimental forms of music. he worked with an important variety of different people and bands, such as old, mick harris, mark spybey, kk null, dj speedranch^jansky noise, brent gutzeit and many more. french artist matthieu maire runs the post-power electronica project celluloïd mata since 1996. besides that, he has also worked with many different people and projects, especially in the european electronica avant-garde scene (ultra mikmaids, oil 10, elektroplasma, roger rotor, imminent, xingu hill...).


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3 zick zack
4 the nine
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