definition of raw moments from a different.... adn020

definition of raw moments from a different.... cd

ad noiseam. adn020

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recorded over two years in sweden and germany, “definition of raw moments from a different perspective” is an album that indeed presents a different standpoint to industrial and electronic music, conjugating them in its own soulful fashion. what mago defines here is a new shade of poetry made into warm and poignant music. this album was originally released in october 2002. the 2015 re-press is identical in its audio, but features new artwork and a special cardboard sleeve. it is a very limited edition re-release.


1 tumbling down the rabbit hole
2 like sand slips through my fingers
3 ripple
4 enlace
5 spaceships and piles of mud
6 thought there was more to come
7 sing me to sleep
8 inbetweenworld
9 infinite