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flyco. flyco2k12

first there was sight, then there was sound. recycling and resampling visual input into stereo output - open your ears, and you shall see. no straight line, no black and white but what’s in between and beyond. obiekt - a prototype aural painting, the madman’s brush on a canvas of sound. a sonic sculpture chiseled out of marble noise. who is he that claims to achieve such a feat? obiekt employs disruptive technologies that send ripples down the innovation cycle. each track is an effort in simultaneous horizontal and vertical integration: just as you may notice distinct patterns of change that occur over the length of a track, a struggle between individual layers of sound is evident. focused on core competence, each track is built around a drum / bass pattern, with each loop and chop being selected after careful study of industry benchmarks. the rest is outsourced to a sonic case generator. fed random pieces of audio material, it distills all the non - percussive elements of a track. cd gatefold sleeve.


1 warewarenomori
2 rakkyouzon
3 hotaru
4 avalon
5 gorogororiman
6 bars
7 hardkraut