v.a. - crimson. td001cd

v.a. - crimson. cd

terminal dusk. td001cd

crimson introduces your ears to many different styles of eclectic electronic music ranging from broken gabber hits and ragga drill breaks to melodic atmospheres and dirty basslines. the journey into crimson begins with doormouse grabbing your attention with his juxtaposition of cartoon samples and rugged live drums and twisting them into a hip-hop reggae mashup. emotionaljoystick follows with a happy techno ditty filled with intricate melodies and classic techno sounds. jonas the plugexpert keeps the flow and changes it up a bit with some mild ragga-jungle. eight frozen modules gives a lesson in electro with some downtempo madness. chevron brings some mutated atmospheres that transform into spastic amen breaks and floating synths. mixing it up, duran duran duran pushes you into the pit with his punishing gabber stylings. while you’re in the pit soundmurderer crushes you with his frantic amen breaks and deep bass tones. for the second half of the disc wisp takes you to the next level with precision drilling snares and drifting melodies. rusuden follows with eastern influenced deep groove and haunting soundscapes. exillon creates a somber atmosphere with scattered rhythm programming and eerie echoed synths. line 47 pushes further into the realms of dark drills and symphonic movements with his track. next up is shitmat, who delivers some screaming ragga-breaks filled with distorted gabber hits. ill cosby continues to bash the sound system with an in your face jungle elimination. enduser defines dark breaks with a solid jungle track. not breathing brings us the next track which has an electro feel with some pounding rhythms. pale finishes off the compilation with mind bending scattered breaks and sinister atmospheres.


1 el diablo en botas negras doormouse
2 i got the hits and party jams emotionaljoystick
3 dodo jr jonas the plugexpert
4 left me eight frozen modules
5 why did you have to go and spoil everything? chevron
6 tbi theme duran duran duran
7 mindkiller soundmurderer
8 green hill path wisp
9 thoth breath rusuden
10 tguk exillon
11 field stencils line 47
12 soundclash@myhouse shitmat
13 eliminated killa cosby
14 derminal tusk enduser
15 shadows of the sun not breathing
16 monster [dusk terminal edit] pale