1896-1906. umb005

1896-1906. cd

umb kollektif. umb005

the experience of jägerblut ('hunter's blood') can be described best as listening to a musical narrative, told in several parts forming a larger story of another time and place. this place is a sort of bavaria from a parallel universe infused with pagan and christian mysticism. drawing heavily from rural lore, legends of blood-covered martyrs and the inevitabilty of nature, the musicians try to find their roots within the context of modernity. the music itself ranges from whimsical folk to ritualistic versions of the local styles, not to forget the non too subtle moments of industrial sounds. daring to see comedy withinin tragedy and always wandering between sadness and exultation, the experience of jägerblut is that of the world being full of dark poetry. behave! digipak packaging w/ foil embossing and 20-page booklet.


1 jagd
2 die gelände warten
3 obacht
4 hunting
5 boandlkramer I
6 sankt barbara verloren im walde
7 boandlkramer II
8 cor venantis effenum
9 gruß vom krampus
10 da wildschütz
11 mühlhiasl's prophezeiung
12 dornwald
13 d'resl von konnersreuth
14 der doost
15 lichtmeß
16 ofenschreier
17 torschengruen
18 jennerwein
19 dornenwald