the unseen deserts. umb004

tonal y nagual
the unseen deserts. cd

umb kollektif. umb004

everybody knows how catchy harmonies are supposed to sound. but tonal y nagual know exactly why they try to avoid them. their music exists beyond the usual listening habits. it jumps eloquently from one mood to the next and swings bravely between spheric and rythmic poles. their spectrum reaches from anarcho-industrial to folkloristic ambient, which is sometimes reminiscent of coil. but even that influence is not too obvious in the music of giuseppe tonal & tikki nagual. every single piece of this acoustic bag of wonders is an experience, each clear melody a misunderstanding. tonal y nagual: listening like being licked by a frog.


1 molto lento
2 the end
3 we are
4 broken
5 this crime
6 my girlfriend is a car
7 chrome
8 life imbalanced
9 skeleton people
10 saddast day
11 world's got the blues
12 deka danza!
13 yesterday's lightning
14 ashen winds
15 mein m├Ądchen ist ein auto
16 broken (remix by ebc)