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feel my china is the brand new remix collection from mochipet with fourteen of the most amazing break-metal-polka-idm reworkings of mr. mochi’s tracks to date. this disc features remix/reconstructions of uzumaki and mochipet’s earlier works by the likes of devnull, donna summer, drop the lime, exillon, duran duran duran and a host of other talented mixers. this collection takes mochipet’s vision of the absurd to the next level!


1 mochiman are you ok?
2 devnull - this polka will only hurt a little remix
3 donna summer / jason forest - i really like slapbassguitar mochipet remix
4 drop the lime - backyard skull wrestling school mix
5 exillon - acid panda laptop death mix
6 skymall - cuti sadda vs. mochipet appraisal on the altar mixxx
7 duran duran duran - his name is rio666 remix
8 terminal11 - cold heart remix
9 eustachian - feel my glock mixxx
10 etschaberry - kinda surprise rmx?
11 cyozlab - toxic hemp emir mix
12 yorgl - feel my sacred cow mix
13 damiak - konstrukt still <3's idm mix
14 verb - nanu nanury remix
15 geroyche - break6 (last year at hohemian grove mix
16 secret track