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component. com-117

on jvox's second full length album(and first on component), brooklyn's joel tallent presents varied selection of jazzy hip-hop riffs, spacey idm, odd samples and mechanical beats. the overall tone of the album is one that is quite dreamlike where mutedvoices shuffle between the down tempo beats. hip hop plays a large roll in this release(most likely taken from joel's experience as an mc in the late 80's) interjected with a healthy dose of idm sensabilities(that seduced him in the 90's ).address unknown shows a warm and more human side to the usually cold and antiseptic world of electronic music with its subtle melodies, deep basslines and funky beats.


1 all elements
2 tomorrow
3 nearly conscious
4 sunshine
5 brane
6 airspace
7 word-293
8 smokin
9 boom bad
10 keep those eyes open
11 europa
12 just irie
13 pendulum