l'antichambre. a.r.07.01

nos royaumes
l'antichambre. 7"

angle records. a.r.07.01

before running aground onto the shores of a minimal, somber, muffled and textured electro with strains that are nevertheless poetically devastating, the creator behind the montreal project nos royaumes flirted with the uneven terrains of rhythmic noise, pure noise, hard ebm and a zillion other sonic outlets, under various names. it is, however, with the founding of its current project that he proudly delivers us his first official release, which is the result of months, even years, of experimentation, discovery and refining. the enriched synthesis made by nos royaumes with his first 2-track 7 inch single, « l’antichambre », brings us to a crossing of the different roads the creator followed in his many experimentations and sonic discoveries in recent years, to a place where the demarcation line between old-school industrial, dark ambient, narrative paths not spelt out and recursive bruitism takes on blurred and original shades. nos royaumes demonstrates, with the two monumental tracks of his first release, that oppressing ambiences can easily go together with enveloping atmospheres.


1 ornements de beauté nihiliste
2 l'antichambre