chants et danses folkoriques des hauts plateaux. rap-cd #031

chants et danses folkoriques des hauts plateaux. cd

rape art productions. rap-cd #031

with his most recent output 'folkloric songs and dances from the high plains' szkieve takes one step further his characteristic blend of synthetic and organic sounds. this album explores minimal ambient territories, sci-fi inspired spirals of sonic textures and heavily modified field recordings. the deep drones, whispery hisses and dusty distortion from this album adequately depicts the picture of a region full of mountains, rivers and deserts exposed to snow, wind and sand. with his sharp, original and well defined sound szkieve contributes here to the creation of new bridges between noise and electronic music. this cd is only available in a limited edition in a full colour cardboard packaging on the influential ecuadorian noise label, rape art productions.


1 el haucay del tungurahua
2 el duende del chimborazo
3 el guagua del pichincha
4 el solimán del carchi
5 la lutona del cotopaxi
6 el diablo de pujilí
7 la voladora de illuchi
8 el descabezado de los lagos
9 el tintín del picacho escondido