hold the west in hand / barndance. wood003

hold the west in hand / barndance. 7"

wood records. wood003

on this record, droon celebrates his' sincere love for america, (really!) his' love for dance music and parties through the ages. both tracks lift off from their jungle bass, dark and chaotic, heading for an air raid on nashville. from the first bass lines onwards, sounds are grotesque exaggerations, but with one sweet nuance: the floor loves it. as a part of droon’s liveset, both tracks have been trialed and tested on crowds all over the world with great success. barndance is the most requested track ever on donna summer's advanced d&d radio show on new jersey's wfmu. hold the west is an all-time favorite on the widerstand.org mp3 section. full-colour cover packaging.


1 hold the west in hands
2 barndance