daddy's gone. vrock006

the assdroids
daddy's gone. 12"

cock rock disco. vrock006

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completely over the top thrash-rock that’s been fucked up by computers, the assdroids make their debut with this golden ep of drum and guitar noise insanity.


1 snakes & ladders
2 poking grandma with a stick
3 assassin (gay & unattractive)
4 it's not enough to know that i am better than you; i want to see you fail
5 clean & jerked (out of lethargy)
6 breakcore gives me head
7 fuck off foucault
8 okay! go out there and start creating using the mer-kah-bah as yr guide
9 my girlfriend reads too much
10 pornography devastates the male sexual ego
11 akiko dance machine
12 grinding meat is just like feeling up yr girlfriend on a cheap 6-pack buzz
13 ass of wands
14 huge vital engrossing
15 licking the spoon (kill yr idols mix)