v.a. - white cock 1-4 compilation. crock012

v.a. - white cock 1-4 compilation. cd

cock rock disco. crock012

all four white cock vinyls on one single cd! featuring: jason forrest , bong ra, duran duran duran, xanopticon, knifehandchop, dev/null, sickboy, warst, deacon boombastardizer, terminal 11, society suckers, the assdroids, and dj rainbow ejaculation.


1 tuiti fruity booty - hardcore remix knifehandchop
2 congressman muldoon jason forrest
3 elfuckin vibes xanopticon
4 only the emperor can drink your essence duran duran duran
5 scratch samples unknown artist
6 respect the cock jason forrest
7 lcdnb dev/null
8 motha fuckin noize show warst
9 the sick generation duran duran duran
10 scratch samples unknown artist
11 skeletor bong-ra
12 nobody does it like you terminal11
13 active versatile deacon boombastardizer
14 2 for 1 special jason forrest
15 scratch samples unknown artist
16 dlrocker sickboy
17 time to call in the carpet cleaning professionals dj rainbow ejaculation
18 i don't give a fuck society suckers
19 daft crunk the assdroids
20 spider skyscraper jason forrest
21 scratch samples unknown artist