dead cities. bc05

ah cama-sotz
dead cities. cd

bats & cats. bc05

tales of 'dead cities' as described by the master of darkness, the bat himself. for his new album 'dead cities' ah cama-sotz created no less then ten descriptive aural landscapes from all over the world; the tracks range from deep ambient with a religious touch to ritual layered structures - sometimes even close to straightforward dub - to technoid industrial epic anthems, bound to make the audience scream - no wait - pray for more. the bat is back! mr sotz will change your vision on the world ... again!


1 deceitful ghosts
2 when the devil comes to you
3 damascus 'dar meshq'
4 thermonuclear
5 enuma elish
6 ereshkigal
7 rites ov dub [qal'at sim'an]
8 ganzir [black earth version]
9 dead cities [bulika mix]
10 naj' hammadi [theme]