things fall apart. spectre-s28

things fall apart. cd

spectre. spectre-s28

it took jon ray six years to create his second cd. and after those six years he took a bit of distance to his works and he saw it was good. spectre records is proud to present 'things fall apart', that 'difficult' second release by the project skincage. in twelve tracks you are given a tour through the mind of skincage, a tour among things that did, will or could fall apart. 'bhopal' and 'chernobyl' already reached an impressive level of destruction, while 'hungry ghosts' are still unaware of their new existance. 'things fall apart' is mainly created with broken or somehow manipulated selfmade instruments, as broken or manipulated as the thoughts that formed the soil in which they grew. the story which is told on the darkest lovesong ever - entitled 'calling home' - is the ultimate proof that 'things fall apart' is an album made in difficult times. it has a reason that the creator of this advises solitude and headphones to fully 'enjoy' the tracks. it took god six days to create the world and a seventh one on which he laid back and relaxed. then he decided it was good ... are we the only one seeing the resemblance?


1 spur
2 midas reversed
3 eryx
4 108
5 hungry ghosts
6 the center cannot hold
7 calling home
8 juno
9 only the wind
10 bhopal
11 chernobyl
12 i saw a pale horse