v.a. - spectre: decade cd anniversary compilation. spectre-s25

v.a. - spectre: decade cd anniversary compilation. cd

spectre. spectre-s25

how does one celebrate a decade of musical activities ? right ! by adding yet another release to the list! spectre records just became 10 and this brand new sampler is our gift to the world. the original spectre roster covers three continents and almost fourty releases, divided over three labels. and while this is way too much to choose from, any sampler would just be that : a sampler (but : a very good one). the artists on 'decade' are from canada, switzerland, united states and offcourse belgium and together they are so much more then a cross-section. iszoloscope, l'enfant terrible of industrial, ah cama-sotz, who released the first spectre ever, loss, who proves that there is a lot of harmony to be found in noise and hypnoskull, back after a year of absense. but there is more: hybryds, this morn' omina, empusae, antigen shift, mimetic fake and finally kraken, who introduce their new cd 'chagrin'. spectre is ambience, rhytmic industrial, ritual and noise : all in the darkest shade of black, hidden from the sunlight in a very special embossed cover.


1 something wicked this way comes iszoloscope
2 chagrin kraken
3 opus dei ah cama-sotz
4 a cold night in march antigen shift
5 the wait loss
6 consanguineous pain empusae
7 the woman in my head hybryds
8 tehora this morn' omina
9 10 angles mimetic
10 the arizona nightmare motel machine hypnoskull