1953. spectre-na08

the [law-rah] collective
1953. cd

spectre. spectre-na08

51 years after the flood disaster that killed more than 1800 people in holland, the dutch [law-rah] collective commemorate this catastrophe with a long and very intense track: 1953. in this moving interpretation a story told by unspeakable sounds unfolds, sparsely reinforced by touching and dramatic spoken word interventions. sophisticated in sound, evolution and intensity, every chapter of this story will grab your attention and keep you on the edge of your seat. an honest, sad and solemn auditory treat... comes in an exquisitely designed oversized nautilus pack.


1 de zee
2 de storm
3 het water
4 zakt
5 de opvang
6 de afbraak
7 de zee (reprise)