rock'n'robot. scd048

kim and buran
rock'n'robot. cd

solnze records. scd048

second release from russian retro-electro project kim&buran, packed with 60's-style twist, rock'n'roll, sampledelic collages and tracks which fit perfectly as sci-fi-adventure movies' soundtracks or at new year's eve children parties. composed by multi-instrumentalist slava zavjalov and mostly done on old analogue russian synths - brilliant and highly recommended!


1 the garland
2 the future man
3 rock’n’robot
4 morning on a planet
5 'mary' supergame
6 good morning
7 night fm
8 kinder express
9 the builders
10 once upon a time in a toy town
11 hottabich dance
12 bolek and lolek disco
13 adventures after school
14 space flight
15 in a far warm country
16 the great bear’s dream
17 new year twist
18 moscow nights
19 black wanderer
20 space walk
21 good night!