sum of an abstract. md146

sum of an abstract. cd

n5md. md146

before they took the metro north run_return did a little math...sum of an abstract is their little known self released first album. now repressed by n5md after a few years of unavailability this time around remastered and repackaged complete with 3 bonus tracks. a shining album of 'futures passed' still sounding current, relevant, and true to form, galvanizing run_return as a band that is as distinctive as it is timeless. you do the math and come up with your own sum...


1 airlanes
2 thoughts broken by footseps
3 a serious joint
4 injection spread
5 wake up sex
6 p.a.u.s.
7 national geographic
8 genius chilly
9 tributary
10 last minute reflex
11 jyggawhom
12 team action
13 yah chilly