v.a. - maschinenfest 07. pflicht33

v.a. - maschinenfest 07. 2cd

pflichtkauf. pflicht33

featuring tracks from all performing bands of the maschinenfest 2007 (mostly exclusive). feat. skincage, dazzling malicious, detune x, scrap.edx, greyhound, this morn' omina, twinkle, catholic boys in heavy leather, synapscape, ahnst anders, detritus, keef baker, 100blumen, ordo rosarius equilibrio, wai pi wai, config.sys, 5f-x, sonar, eva | 3, spherical disrupted, dj hidden, ab ovo, s.k.e.t., ambassador 21, drumcorps, vromb and ah cama-sotz. gatefold-cover printed in gold on bordeaux cardboard.


1 the eagle has landed skincage
2 alice im psycholand dazzling malicious
3 purevil-heartbeatmix detune-x
4 blackout scrap.edx
5 earthstomp greyhound
6 totemism-ancient this morn' omina
7 un passage antérieur twinkle
8 tube breath catholic boys in heavy leather
9 reach out synapscape
10 lektion 1 ahnst anders
11 p = s detritus
12 krefeld keef baker
13 techno blume-rmx by yuki tendo 100blumen
1 masturbate ordo rosarius equilibrio
2 afterparty wai pi wai
3 neue horizonte config.sys
4 6 x 10125m isn't correct-sized rmx 5f-x
5 wanting them sonar
6 through time and space eva|3
7 distance spherical disrupted
8 here lies the confusion-remix by enduser dj hidden
9 ascendance rmx ab ovo
10 falludja blues s.k.e.t.
11 in love ambassador 21
12 down-remix by the teknoist drumcorps
13 reve tourbillion vromb
14 hymn to the night ah cama-sotz