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config.sys have their roots in the industrial- & noise sector - however, breaking with cliches and bridging gaps to house, ebm, minimal and other styles is what makes it special. the third cd comes as a double pack, including remixes by p.a.l, s:cage, synapscape, 100blumen, ah cama-sotz, monolith, geistform, contaminant and more. cover printed in copper on black cardboard


1 capped
2 your dog sucks
3 devil may care
4 chemical cage
5 over voltage
6 break down
7 little drummer boy
8 daily brainwashed
9 discharge tube
10 does not compute
11 ungereimt
12 biocaptured heart (feat. kenji siratori)
13 short circuit
14 so fuckin' what
15 truth in your lies
16 afferent frequence
17 spoiled
1 frame dragging (rmx by p.a.l)
2 gravity probe-b (rmx by s:cage)
3 transmission 1938 (rmx by monolith)
4 frame dragging (rmx by geistform)
5 himmelsst├╝rmer (rmx by synapscape)
6 3c273 (rmx by ah cama-sotz)
7 chaozkopf (rmx by 100 blumen)
8 u 127 (rmx by industriepalst)
9 entropie (rmx by contaminant)
10 substituent (rmx by mik-y)
11 satelliten (rmx by ahnst anders)
12 transmission 1938 (rmx by van hellsing)
13 ┬Á.de (config sys live)
14 ktendium (config sys live)
15 ulysses (config sys live)